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Modus Operandi


Cinematix was created to assist business' in their branding journey.  We specialise in short form video creation, business branding & social media management. We are passionate about rich cinematic sequence and thrive on elevating brands.

We have had experience with branding business' since 1995.


We differ from most agencies by truly getting to know our clients and their business. We go deep to understand what they are trying to achieve and tailor make a motion branding strategy that is unique for them.


At Cinematix we are about:

The Journey of Improvement

Inspiring Others

The Pursuit of Quality

The Journey of Improvement: A human being is a wonderful example of how good design can get. Shot, produced and edited by a Master Story Teller. One of our key attributes is the ability to learn. We have such a talent to improve if we choose to follow that road.

Inspiring Others: So much joy can be achieved from watching the creative work of others. This inspires us to do better ourselves. To try new things. Take risks. A collective pool of knowledge is a journey shared together. Spurring one another along.

The Pursuit of Quality: For us the journey is important... but it's 'how' you travel the journey that is truly key. Not winning or loosing, but how you played the game. Sometimes the pursuit of quality in everything you do is the best representation of your creativity. Quality of ideas, camera angles, lighting, scene selection, editing and gear... Maybe even the quality of attitude.

Having had a passion for short film, rich cinematic sequences, and particularly the feeling I received from certain pieces of cinematography, I was keen to share my passion with others. I dubbed the phrase 'Mood Roll' to describe the genre I loved and applied it to Business Branding - something I have been doing for nearly 30 years.


Hence, Cinematix was born.

Own The Shot - Joel

Joel Stewart

Founder, Journeyman, Inspiration Seeker

 & Quality Pursuer.

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